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A Century of Expertise

In the ancient capital of Japan, in 1925,  a small bedding company embarked on a journey that would change the way the world sleeps. Daitou Shingu has since become a name synonymous with excellence in bedding manufacturing and a guardian of cherished Japanese traditions.

Through nearly 100 years of expertise, we have elevated countless customers' sleep experience. Today, our bedding is chosen by luxurious hotels to provide excellent sleep, impressing their guests.

Besides producing comfortable pajamas, loungewear, and bed linen, our activities extend to fields such as the architecture business.


Our Mission

To our customers:
We attempt to be a company that is necessary for our customers’ health and comfortable lives. We create comfortable sleep and relaxation with exciting minds.

To our team:
We create a work environment where employees can grow together by fostering a spirit of caring, trust, and self-reliance. We strive for personal growth and self-fulfillment through cheerful and energetic service to people.

To our society:
We will never forget our gratitude for being able to exist as a member of society contributing to the creation of a better society, and will strive to preserve the environment for the future.



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