Care Guide

How to care for gauze products: Kyo Wazarashi Mensya, Chambre de D KYOTO

Use a laundry net and keep the water under 30℃ (86°F).
If possible, wash with a delicate cycle or weak water flow.
Do NOT use bleach, or wash with fluorescent detergents.

Please dry as soon as possible after washing.
To dry, please turn the inside out, reshape, and dry in the shade.
Please avoid direct sunlight. Please DO NOT dry with a tumble dryer, as it may cause shrinkage and tear. Please DO NOT wring or spin-dry.

Dyed Series 
Wash separately dyed and white items to prevent color fading and color mixing. Please use a press cloth to prevent heat damage and color fading when ironing.

Wash after wash, it gets softer and fluffier for a cozy feel.

How to care for linen products: Suirajofu

Use a laundry net when washing, and do not use the tumbler drying. Opt for a non-fluorescent detergent. After washing, gently smooth out wrinkles on all sides and hang it up to dry in its natural shape.