What is the "Wazarashi Method"?

Our customers and visitors of this site may find the phrase “Wazarashi Method” so familiar yet so strange. One of our collections, Kyo Wazarashi Mensya, is dedicated to a line of products that utilizes the cotton gauze processed with this method. Though our product description attempts to capture the essence of the “Wazarashi Method”, this method cannot be captured with merely a few sentences. Therefore, please allow this blog entry to explain the “Wazarashi Method”.

Before introducing the “Wazarashi Method”, it is necessary to set the cotton context. Cotton processing is a complicated process that requires multiple steps. In the process, a step called “cotton scouring” takes the harvested cotton through a journey that removes impure substances. With industrialization and the emphasis of speed in this modern society, most cotton manufacture prioritizes speed for their cotton processing. In the conventional method of cotton scouring, it only requires 40 minutes to complete the process by heating and pressurizing the cotton. 

The “Wazarashi Method” is the traditional Japanese method of cotton scouring. In comparison to the 40 minutes of the conventional method, the “Wazarashi Method” requires the cotton spend 4 days in a cauldron.


In exchange, the impure substances within the cotton can be removed while preserving the fluffiness of the cotton. During this process, each fiber of the cotton is not pressurized, allowing the fiber to maintain its natural structure. In addition, the monitored process allows the minimization of chemicals used, which makes the cotton extremely friendly to ones with delicate skin. Though the process is time consuming, the results are definitely worth it. Combined with the design of layering the cotton gauze, the simple design gives our products its unique qualities. Since the cotton gauze is layered like a puff pastry, the layering allows air circulation to be maintained within the layers. With such property, the cotton gauze absorbs water faster, dries faster, and maintains the heat better.


In this era where speed is prioritized, we often forget how to take things in a slower pace. As we catch our pace, we may have dropped some things. The “Wazarashi Method” illustrated the art of investing time in craftsmanship, which includes to time to master the craft and the time to create the craft. Holding a handkerchief made with Wazarashi cotton gauze is like holding a precious child named "time" in your hands. When you are tired from rushing and making haste, please take it easy and wipe your sweat (maybe with our handkerchief).