Suirajofu Linen

Discover an optimal good night's sleep

"Suirajofu" Linen Series

"Suirajofu" is a series of linen products.

Compared to other kinds of frabic, linen is remarkable for its moisture-wicking properties. It can keep human body temperature regulated, and make you feel beautifully cooling by releasing the moisture.

This is one of the most suitable textile for sleeping especially in high-temperature, high-humidity weather, such as Japan.

Feeling the crisp, and the breezy touch in Suirajofu Linen Series,

our linen is perfect for a comforting, good night's sleep.

Shiga Omi Linen

Suirajofu Linen Series use the Shiga Omi Linen produced from the east of Biwa Lake, called Omi, where the linen production has been prosperous since old times.

The linen products were seen as high-quality gifts to the Shoguns (military dictators) and the priests' families in the past. However, the products became popular presents in the Edo Period.

The traditional weaving techniques are learned from Uzumasa, Kyoto, and developed further in Omi. The Omi Linen production became famous thanks to the Omi traders, who brought the products and sold them around the country.

We choose the traditional Omi linen as our base material in order to provide this beautiful traditional technique worldwide.


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