Suirajofu Linen

Discover an Optimal Good Night of Sleep

"Suirajofu" Linen Series

"Suirajofu" is a series of linen products.

Compared to other kinds of fabric, linen is remarkable for its moisture-wicking properties. Linen keeps the body temperature regulated, while releasing moisture to keep the skin fresh.

With the properties mentioned above, Linen makes the perfect textile for creating sleeping garments and bedding for humid environments, like Japan.

Feeling the crisp and breezy touch of the Suirajofu Linen Series,

one can notice that our linen products are perfect for a comforting, good night of sleep.

Shiga Omi Linen

Suirajofu Linen Series uses Shiga Omi Linen produced in the east of Biwa Lake. The location, Omi, has been notable for its linen production for generations.

Due to its well-known high quality, linen products from Omi, Shiga were offered to the Shoguns (military dictators) and Shake (religiously influential families) as gifts in the past. As time proceeded, the linen products became popular gifts in the Edo period (A.D.1603-A.D.1867).

Though the linen weaving techniques were learnt from Uzumasa, Kyoto, the craft developed and flourished in Omi, Shiga. The widespread and popularity of Omi linen can be credited to the trading merchants from Omi.

Hoping to share this beautiful craft to the world, we have included Omi linen as part of our curation for our staple products.


 Suirajofu Linen Series

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