Our Story

Daitou Shingu is a Kyoto-based bedding manufacturing company founded in 1925. We have been making Futon, Zabuton, and garments for more than 90 years.

Today, we produce the finest gauze clothing and bedding in order to provide quality sleep. By using "Wazarashi", the traditional Japanese cotton scouring treatment, our cotton gauze is even softer and safe for sensitive, delicate skin.

Note from the founder

Daitou Shingu has established in Mibu area, Kyoto since 1925. Since then, we have been providing our manufacturing service to bedding stores located in Kyoto's "Fiber Street" as well as other industries. For example, kimono industry, interior design studios, linen supply industry, and architecture firms. We also broadened our service even more to department stores, medical facilities, hotels and hostels, and so on.

In 1990, we set up our new interior department in order to provide our service further into the house environment. Two years later, we opened our first direct-managed store in order to provide better sleep experiences. By applying our profound knowledge and techniques that have developed since 1920s, we want to help people with enhancing their sleep quality as much as possible. Thus, we built our online store in 2001, so we can improve the communication with the customers as well as offer further sleep support service.

In 2007, we have been recognized as "only one" in our field by Kyoto City Government with our research developments. We also recognized by Kyoto city's Oscar Award with our revolutionary business plans. In order to reach our goal, which is providing extra comfort sleep individually, we started from Kyoto and continue delivering to as much people as we can.


Our Values

We are always eager to present Kaimin and Kutsurogi to our customers. Kaimin in Japanese means a pleasant good night's sleep. Kutsurogi on the other hand means relaxing and feeling at home. They are both important concepts served as our main goal, so we can do our best to create the healthy and comfortable living environment for people.

We also create a comfortable working environment where employees can trust each other fully, as well as supporting their own self-development.

We, as a member of the society, will never lose our gratefulness to the people who support us to our existence. We are trying our best to secure the bright future for our society.


Our History

1925 Daitou Futon was established in Mibugawa, Kyoto city.

1953 Set up our first factory for manufacturing cotton products.

1963 Daitou Shingu Kogyo Ltd was established

1983 Obtained land for expanding our factory

1985 New factory building was built

1992 Set up our retail shop

2001 Started up our online shop

2007 Acquired KES Environmental Management System Standard Step 2 recognition

2010 Attended Expo 2010 Shanghai China

2011 Store renewal

2012 Created our own Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Acquired Kyoto City Government's permission for Construction Business License

September 20th: 50th Anniversary of the estabishment of the company

2013 First attended TENT LONDON design fair

2014 "Nemuri no Kura" newly designed space for our retail shop has opened

2016 First attended Maison & Object Paris and NY NOW Winter 2016

2017 Registerd as 2nd class architectural firm in order to create the best environment for sleeping