Devotion to quality craftspeopleship



Automation and machinery became the conventional form of production due to its high productivity and convenience. However, we believe that a sense of warmth is preserved through craftsmanship. Though machines can replicate products, but craftsmanship and handmade products speaks closer to each individual customer. After all, beddings, pajamas, and cushions, are items that makes close contact to each person on a personal level. The hands are connected to the mind, allowing handmade products to transmit the humane and considerate details of each product.


 Our Factory/ Workshop

Our factory is located behind our office. However, compared to a factory, the function and structure is closer to a workshop. Instead of a manufacture line up for mass production, each individual unique product goes through the hands of our skilled craftsmen. Within the workshop, is where all the magic happens. The sounds sewing machines marching, shiny tassel thread hanging from the ceiling, and colorful fabrics extended on table tops, all these small details make our workshop seem like a wonderland. The workshop is mainly in charge of producing our zabutons (seating cushion) and futons (Japanese mattress).




To know more about the reason for zabutons and futons to be handmade, please refer to the blog entries below.