Adherence for Craftmanship: Futon

Our relationship with futon can be traced back to 1925, as futons are the first product we produced. For readers who are unsure on what is a futon, a futon is a form of traditional Japanese bedding that has both the elements of a blanket and a mattress. However, as lifestyles began to change and the standards for sleeping rose, variations of futons serving specific purposes began to appear. For instance, the Kake-Futon is closer to the definition of a blanket, and mattress for Shiki-Buton.


With almost 100 years of experience, we have accumulated experiences and elevated our skills. Throughout the years of manufacturing, our different generations of craftsmen pass on their experience and knowledge about futons to the next. Like a baton relay, they work as a team that transcends the limitation of time by passing on their skills to each other. Over time, this has allowed us to perfect the craft of futons. The factor that pushes us to continue producing futon is the passion of delivering good quality sleep to all of our customers.  



Sleeping habits and sleep preferences varies on each person, with handmade futons; we can customize the futon in accordance to each person’s individual preferences. From the size of the futon to the hardness of the filling, with handmade futons, anything is possible. In addition, with the knowledge of our craftsmen, they understand the functional design of futons the best. Since all of our futons are made by hand, it may take up to several days for the futon to be complete. However, with patience, we can produce futons that will last even longer.



While we continue to produce futons by hand, we incorporate new bedding technology to provide the best product to our customers. We want to keep the traditional aspects of a futon that has been loved by different generations, but also incorporate new technologies that further enhance sleep quality. For example, our most popular futon mattress, the “Foam Dense Fiber 4 Layer Futon” is inspired by the convenient structure of a traditional futon, but with modern bedding technology. The result of the combination of tradition and innovation is a light mattress that firmly supports the body during sleep. In addition, the product is highly recommended to people with shoulder and back pain, as the structure of the foam supports the body structure.