Collaboration with the Local Community

Founded in Kyoto for nearly a century ago, we have a quite long history with our local community. With the support of the local communities, we were able to grow into the company we are today. To give back and express our gratitude, we actively engage in community activities and host our own events. This connection with our community helps us grasp the significance of our role and the responsibilities we fulfill.

Occasionally, we have art events where the local people can explore different media. Here are some images of the art events that were held within our physical shop in Kyoto, Japan.






As a company that focuses on improving the sleep environment and enhancing sleep quality, we realize our responsibility to educate people about sleep in our community. Knowledge is a soft form of power, and sharing the knowledge about sleep is our way of empowering the local community.





Sustainable Development Goals

Our signature cotton gauze is durable and sustainable; in fact, the gauze becomes more comfortable after use. With such properties, our products naturally last longer. Realizing the responsibility and influence we have as a company, we have been attempting to further incorporate SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into our activities. For a company to last nearly 100 years, innovation is necessary. Viewing the SDGs as business practice guidelines, businesses can transition into business practices that are healthier for our society.

As our first step, we attempted to incorporate eco-friendly materials into our product development. We repurposed used coffee beans as a dye for our pajamas, and we created a pajama with beautiful sage green color.

If you would like to know more about our coffee-dyed pajamas, please refer to this blog.