Architect Business (Exterior & Interior Design)



素家, pronounced as “Soya” is our architect branch of the company. A house that makes people feel secure, relaxed, and safe is a house that can relieve exhaustion and stress. When the body feels safe and relaxed, then a good night of sleep comes naturally. Extending from our core value of providing good sleep, our architect office, Soya, was established.



Similar to the products from our bedding manufacturing, Soya provides personalized architectural services. First, we receive requests from the clients and we make an appointment to discuss details about their requests. After understanding and processing the clients` demands, we physically survey the house or place that is expected to be renovated. Seeking a balance between the clients' demands and the conditions of the location heavily relies on the architect`s expertise and experiences. From the exterior design, interior design, and the furniture within, Soya strives to build a safe and relaxing space, personalized for you.

Doki Doki, Soya's Furniture Brand

Doki Doki, which is the onomatopoeia for the racing heart in Japanese, represents the feeling of excitement of creating something new, and receiving furniture engraved with the depths of life from your grandparents and parents.


The carpenter that builds the furniture for Doki Doki, works in his workshop that is surrounded by nature. In a peaceful environment surrounded by water and greenery, the carpenter sculpts out furniture that provides a natural sense of security. Furniture in Doki Doki uses solid wood.



Breaking away from the norm of “replacing old furniture with new furniture”, Doki Doki wants to provide furniture that lasts for generations. Without using any adhesive, the furniture uses wood supplies directly extracted from the lumber. The use of solid wood ensures that there are no hazardous substances, which prevents “Sick House Syndrome”. The design of the furniture is elegant and simple, ensuring that the furniture will not break easily and will please the eyes even after a long time.