Bedding consultation based on sleep science


Most of our employees are certified sleep instructors. We have acquired professional knowledge about sleep and actively apply them in our business. From a new product to a pillow, we continuously incorporate our knowledge about sleep and innovation together. Understanding the nature of “sleep” helps us understand and relate to our customer's demands. With scientific knowledge about sleep, we can provide more helpful suggestions and elevate our services.

Sleep Science + Research & Development

Combining the knowledge we have for sleep science and our experience in bedding manufacturing, we have created products that successfully respond to the troubles our customers face. In terms of responding to sleep-related troubles of each individual customer, we give suggestions and recommend products through our customer service. For customers who visit our physical store, we can provide services that respond even more accurate to their sleeping conditions, like our custom-made pillow service. Besides accommodating to customers on the individual level, we have developed products that respond to conditions that trouble many.


If you would like to know more about our products we developed using our sleep knowledge and advise from medical professionals, please kindly refer to the blogs below.