Elevated Posture Supporting Pillow

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, shorten as GERD, is when stomach acid frequently flows back into the esophagus. On the long term, this disease may cause irritation to the lining of the esophagus. To put simply, GERD is a condition when the patient experiences acid reflux more than the usual. Though GERD is not considered as a severe disease, the continuous occurrence of acid reflux definitely causes discomfort. There are several causes to GERD, including, smoking, eating large meals, eating late at night, eating fatty or fried foods, and many others. All in all, the causes that were mentioned are closely linked to the modern lifestyle.



One of the common scenarios patients of GERD experience is acid reflux during their sleep. With the discomfort and fear of acid reflux during sleep, the patient`s sleep quality is severely reduced. In response to the issues GERD patients face, we designed the “Elevated Poster Supporting Pillow”. The structure of the pillow allows the body to maintain at a 25 to 30 degree angle. In this angle, the upper body is elevated to ensure the stomach acid remains in the stomach. Above all, the pillow is designed to relieve stress off the waist and back.



The total length of the pillow is 100cm. which ensures that the pillow will support people from the top of their head to their lower waist. With every centimeter of the pillow, careful measurements are taken to match the anatomy of an adult human. Where the stomach is located is on the slope of the elevation. Having the stomach along the slope, the position of the stomach is lower than the mouth and prevents acid reflux.



The beads used for the upper part is a material called “Aqua beads”. These hollow beads allow ventilation for the pillow, and the large size ensures the longevity of the beads. In addition, the customers can remove the beads easily to adjust the pillow to their own preference. Though this product may not be the direct cure for GERD, but it was created with the objective to improve the sleep quality of GERD patients. Only when a person is fully charged with energy through sleep, then their bodies will be able to combat the