Suya Suya Cushion

As if the baby is placed gently in an open palm, the cushion supports the newborn`s back in the most comfortable position for them. “Suya Suya” is the onomatopoeia used in the Japanese language to describe a peaceful sleep. Naming our baby cushion, “Suya Suya Cushion”, we hope to deliver good quality sleep to newborn babies too.




In collaboration with “Mammy Clinic Ijuin”, we have created a cushion that is directed at newborn babies. Located in Kagoshima, Japan, Mammy Clinic Ijuin is a maternal clinic established by Dr. Ijuin. From pregnancy check-ups to post-partum care, the clinic uses their expertise to support and assist mothers. Basing on Dr.Ijuin`s professional medical knowledge and experience in handling newborn babies, we have created the “Suya Suya Cushion”. According to Dr. Ijuin, putting a newborn baby in an environment they are familiar with, assists the newborn baby`s stable growth.





When an infant is born, their anatomical bone structure is very much different from an adult. For an adult, when stood up straight, the spine naturally becomes an S-curved shape. However, for a newborn baby, their anatomical structure is closer to a C-shaped curve. Compared to placing the baby flat on their back, babies are more comfortable when their backs are gently curved. During pregnancy, the baby stays in a curled up position in the womb. When the baby is born, allowing the baby to maintain in a position they are familiar with, adds a sense of security to this unfamiliar world for them.


Similar to our other products, the “Suya Suya Cushion” is also a handmade craft. From the trimming of the fabric to filling in the cotton filling, the process is done by hand to ensure that the cushion is comfortable. The charms of this cushion lies within the details. In consideration of a baby`s delicate skin, the cotton gauze cushion cover is from our “Kyo Wazarashi Mensya” collection. The production of the cotton gauze minimizes the use of chemicals, which caters to the delicate needs of a baby. The gauze becomes softer as it is washed, making the “Suya Suya Cushion” a product that ages well after use.

Combining product design and professional knowledge, the “Suya Suya Cushion” is one of the products we have developed. This product accommodates to not only the needs of the baby, but also the parents or the caretaker. When a baby is safe and sound, the caretaker can be more relaxed. In turn, the caretaker, will be able to relax their mind and sleep better at night.