Our Display in Paris, France!

In this autumn season, a few of our pajamas and home wear have travelled across the globe from Kyoto, Japan to Paris, France. With the help of “Takumi Flavours”, our pajamas and home wear are currently on display in Paris, France.



For people who reside in France, or are planning to visit France in the next few months, why not give our display a little visit. We are confident that our soft cotton gauze will be able to capture your heart like a comfortable blanket on a chilly autumn evening. To illustrate on the wonders and magic of our cotton gauze, at the display we have provided washed and unwashed samples. The comparison between the 2 types of samples hopes to emphasize on the property of our cotton gauze becoming softer after use.



At the display, you will be able to find the samples for these following products.



Sweat Samue Robe                               Kirikae Pants                                               Gauze Big T-Shirt


Linen Long Shirt                                     Linen Long Pants                                       Linen Pajamas


Black-Dyed Pajamas                           White Pajamas with Marigold Piping         White Pajamas with Grey Piping


For people who are interested to visit our display, it will be displayed at the boutique of “Takumi Flavors” until the beginning of January 2022. Besides products from our company, “Takumi Flavours” is displaying a selection of products from Japan. While Japan is still not open for inbound tourism, you can visit their boutique to have a taste of Japan.

Location of Takumi Flavours boutique: 101 bis Quai Branly, 75015 Paris