Black-Dyed Pajamas: A Story of Culture, Patience, and History

“Phantom Black”, the client described as she held our “Black-Dyed Pajamas” in her hands. Taking a closer look at the shade of black of our “Black-Dyed Pajamas”, I understood the reason behind the client`s description. The unique shade of black captures the attention of the eyes; as if the eyes will sink into a void of darkness. For such a special black to be developed, pigments are not merely enough. Each thread of the fabric is not only dyed by the pigments of the dye: the history, cultural heritage, and spirit of the craftsmen seeps through each fiber of the gauze.




As the name of the pajamas suggest, “Black-Dyed Pajamas” go through a special process of dyeing to acquire its unique shade of black. Originally, the black-dye technique has been traditionally used for dyeing kimonos; specifically male-worn kimonos for formal occasions. Since the color black is culturally associated with authority, to emphasize the importance of ceremonial occasions, the black-dye technique was exclusively and selectively used on certain garments. As the exclusivity of the usage of this technique suggests, the practice itself is a complicated procedure. To achieve the ideal shade, the process requires patience, time, and experience. Again and again, the craftsmen dip the fabric in the dark dye, overlapping the layers of black after layers of black. Since the dye used for this technique is highly sensitive to the change in temperature, a small change in the temperature may impact the outcome of the color. Therefore, it requires years of experience for the craftsmen to master the art of the Black-Dye.

Though this technique is no longer limited to dyeing kimonos, the technique is still considered as a rare cultural craft. We were able to present the "Black-Dyed Pajamas" to the world with the help of Kyoto Montsuki. Founded in 1915, Kyoto Montsuki`s objective for over a century was to create the darkest shade of black. They continuously surpass themselves throughout the years to present the current shade of black used on our "Black-Dyed Pajamas". With their assistance, we were able to bring this unique and special shade of black onto our pajamas. Since then, our "Black-Dyed Pajamas" has always been a popular item among our customers. From the looks of our product, the "Black-Dyed Pajamas" may appear to be just another comfortable garment. Behind the braided threads, the pajamas is an artifact that holds historical and cultural significance.


Throughout different cultures, the color black is often associated with the image of authority, strictness, and formality. While these connotations does not typically fit the image of relaxing pajamas, it does not compromise the comfort our pajamas provide. Wearing the "Black-Dyed Pajamas" to sleep, you are the ruler of your dreams.