About Us

Daitou Shingu is a Kyoto-based bedding manufacturing company founded in 1925. We have been making Futon (Japanese mattress), Zabuton (seating cushion), and garments for more than 90 years.

Today, we produce the finest gauze clothing and bedding in order to provide quality sleep. By using “Wazarashi”, the traditional Japanese cotton scouring treatment, our cotton gauze is even softer and safer for sensitive, delicate skin.

Company Profile

Company Name  DAITOU SHINGU KOGYO co., Ltd.
Representative Ohigashi Toshiyuki
Founded 1925 November
Established 1963 September 20th
Address 66-2, Yamaden, Shimomisu, Yoko-oji, Fushimi-ku,
Kyoto, Japan, 612-8238
Telephone +81-75-622-6245
Fax +81-75-622-1337
Capital 10 Million JPY (As of 2014 December)
Number of Employees

27 Employees in Total
Certified Sleep Science Experts 18 Employees

Interior Coordinator 1 Employee

Second Class Architect 1 Employee
Fiscal Term July 20
Banks Mizuho Bank, Fushimi Branch
The Bank of Kyoto, Fushimi Branch
The Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Fushimi Branch
Business Description

1. Bedding, Sleeping Garments, & Home Wear Fashion

2. Sleep Support & Advise

3. Housing Renovation

4. Craft Experience Workshop


Daitou Shingu Website: https://daitoushingu.com/
Daitou Shingu Online Store: https://www.daitoushingu.net/

Daitou Shingu Online Store (English): https://daitoushingu.shop/